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Frequently Asked Questions about the
Illinois Council on Long Term Care

Q: What is the Illinois Council on Long Term Care?

A: The Illinois Council on Long Term Care is an association of nursing home professionals committed to quality residential health care in Illinois. The Illinois Council represents nearly 200 Illinois health care facilities employing 26,000 staff members who serve more than 37,000 residents.

Q: Who are your members?

A: Illinois Council member facilities are located throughout the state, with most in the Chicago area. In general, our membership consists mainly of privately owned nursing homes that serve mostly Medicaid and Medicare populations.

Q: Is the Illinois Council on Long Term Care a state agency?

A: No. We are a private membership association providing services to Illinois health care facilities. We maintain a prominent role in representing the long term care community, serving as a liaison among state, municipal and federal agencies.

Q: What types of services does the Illinois Council provide?

A: We keep our members up-to-date on new federal and state regulations affecting the operation of our facilities, as well as state and national trends impacting the long term care profession. We accomplish this through several respected newsletters and a well-planned program of continuing education seminars. We actively participate in the development of public policy through membership on state and local advisory boards that impact clinical, regulatory and reimbursement programs.

Q: What types of services do your member facilities provide?

A: Our member facilities provide professional, assisted health care not available at home or in the hospital. These facilities deliver sophisticated medical services and technologies such as dialysis, respiratory care services and rehabilitation to young and old -- providing exceptional care that meets the challenges of a rapidly aging society and the needs of younger people with disabilities. These facilities are staffed to make high-tech nursing services available to people recovering from short hospital stays. In addition, they provide long term residential services, maximizing resident quality of life and independence through restorative care, activity programs, and assistance in the activities of daily living.

For more information about the Illinois Council, please contact Kevin M. Kavanaugh, director of communication for the Health Care Council of Illinois, at (773) 391-0272.

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