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Here are some suggested areas to consider when taking a tour of a nursing and rehabilitation center. Take notes of your observations and refer back to them when making your final placement decision.


Nursing: Take a close look at the residents. Are the residents clean? Have the men been shaven? Are the residents' hair clean and combed? Have their nails been trimmed? Are their clothes washed and tidy?

Environmental Considerations: Does the center feel inviting and comfortable? Are the residents' rooms and the common areas clean and neat? Are there home-like touches to enliven the environment?

Geography: Will it be easily accessible for family and friends to visit their loved one at this location? Is the center near preferred doctors and hospitals?

Financial: Will the financial status of the potential resident be a problem? What will happen if this individual runs out of funds and must go on Medicaid?

Diagnoses: How experienced is the center in handling the residents' diagnoses? Will the center be able to provide the appropriate level of care for the residents' medical conditions? What kind of training has the staff received on these conditions?

Activities: Does the center provide a wide variety of activities on the monthly calendar? How many activities are offered each day? Attend a center activity -- do the residents seem interested and involved? What opportunities exist for involvement with community organizations? What does the center do to tailor their services to the residents' previous interests and backgrounds?

Dietary: How much variety is there on the monthly menu? Try one of the center's meals -- how appetizing is the residents' food? Are there adequate staff members on hand to assist residents with their meals?

Housekeeping: Do you see housekeepers on hand to keep the center neat and clean? Is there a permeating problem with odors? Look closely at the environment -- how successfully is the center keeping everything clean, neat, and orderly?

Therapy: Ask the admissions director to describe the center's restorative and rehabilitation programs. Is the therapy room well-equipped and is therapy being provided? Request examples of how the center has successfully promoted resident independence.

Resident Well-Being: Talk to the residents themselves about their satisfaction with the center. Do the residents seem happy, trusting, comfortable, and content? What problems have they experienced at this center?

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